Sun Young Oh is an independent Christian designer from South Korea.

She specializes in type and visual materials, which encompass fluid media without a physical format. Her focus lies on branches derived from letter(form)s and the narratives they create in various contexts. She obtained a diploma in graphic design from HfG Karlsruhe in Germany. With a background in fine art and graphic design, she merges these disciplines to explore the dynamic interplay between them.

Services: Lettering, Logotype, Bespoke Typeface, Modified Typeface, Visual Language (Symbol/Icon/Pictogram), and Illustration.

Open for commissions and collaborations.
Please contact me via email, including project scope, description, deadline/time period, and budget.

Currently in timezone GMT+9.


My work is featured on It’s Nice That— “Designer Sun Young Oh focuses on words, through fonts or cat flow charts”


Flefixx project is featured in ‘The Index’ newsletter of It’s Nice That, referenced under the section ‘Flow charts and Diagrams’ on ‘Five Micro Trends.’


Talk at Inscript Type Festival (online)
04 – 08. October 2023
Inscript exists at the overlap of cutting-edge technologies and experimental thinking that dictate our emergent realities. Focusing on design, language, and communication, Inscript explores boundaries and provides a space for sharing, learning, and brazen experimentation.

“Visual Narratives: Typing Letters and Connecting Words”
What if a typeface itself could tell stories? I would like to share the approach and process of a new way of storytelling through the “Flefixx” project—an idiosyncratic visual language and typeface system that explores typography as a medium for storytelling. It’s not about etymology; rather, it’s a way to find and create images in the common combinations of letters that make up words. It allows to connect unrelated words into a sequence of narratives.


Online Talk for the Workshop “A Cabbage, A Wolf and A Sheep” by Gruppo Due at HfG Offenbach.


Interview for Readymag about Anthony regarding the exhibition at Poster House.
“They shape the global visual landscape: Exploring the impact of up-and-coming female type designers”


Interview as part of the exhibition at Poster House for the Art and Design Magazine in China, issue 281.
“Type Poster is a Design Ritual”


Anthony specimen poster is on display as part of the “Advertising Type: Women in Digital Design” exhibition at Poster House in NYC.
From April 27th to November 5th, 2023.
The exhibition is organized by TDC x Type01 x Poster House.


Designed two different versions of the letter “R” for the Research & Realities section of DAMN Magazine No.82, titled “Radical Domesticity.”


Flefixx Website is featured on


Designed the Academic Year Planner 2019-20 for Creative Lives In Progress.